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The holiday shopping season has officially begun. This past weekend has been all about shopping for the kids, but I did manage to spend some time at the Anthro sale bins to rummage through the books. I picked up a few lovely ones with colorful illustrations and patterns. I really love the Nigel Peake book of illustrations. His line drawings are so wonderful. The Secret Garden will be a sweet edition for one of the kids.

I also picked up a pack of socks (95 cents baby!) in prepration for lots of boot-wearing this season. Don’t pretend you’re not absolutely jealous of my banana socks.

The owl cuff is a gift from the sis. The owl face is a bit ominous, but I’ve been wearing it quite a bit lately.


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girl, interrupted

Belated birthday presents from me to me. A haute pink fashion coloring book and interrupted hoops from Anthropologie. I’m editing down my vast jewelry collection that have been accumulating over the past years and keeping only my favorites. I must be getting older because I prefer classic, minimal pieces these days as opposed to gaudy and bohemian. These hoops are just lovely and you can never go wrong with a great pair of gold hoops to complete an outfit.


I had to get my ass out of the house today. A huge wave of lethargy had overcome me but nothing a trip to the bookstore couldn’t cure. Spent an hour or so at Half-Price and I actually needed to use those mini shopping carts to carry my load around. This turned out to be a hazardous idea because shopping cart=more space=more books. I really had difficulty putting back a handful of books I wanted. But these will do for now. An evening to fawn over them in lieu of going to the bar with friends.

A few of my favorite pages so far…I’m totally in love with these hues of pinks, oranges and blues….thin lines and thin lined fonts…photographic film stills and classic Hitchcock…

A group of my friends and I are trying hard to collaborate on a zine…these books will definitely conjure up some inspiration.

T.J. Wilcox Films

100 Posters, 134 Squirrels the handcrafted art of Jay Ryan

Kramers Ergot [6]

Lula [#12]

Elephant [N0. 6]


Hitchcock Poster Art



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sweet mail

Just received some more goodies in the mail today. This year is going to be the internet Christmas shopping year for me. 1. Because I’m addicted to Amazon, and 2. it’s so damn convenient!

Issue 4 to add to the collection, and some art books for more inspiration. I’ve been occupied with the new Sherlock Holmes series on PBS’s Masterpiece Theater, but I think tonight’s a good time to get started on those McSweeney’s I’ve been collecting.