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I caught the baking flu these past two days. It started off with a simple go-to pate chaud recipe and then I started craving some spicy edamame. A quick trip to the grocery store had me loading up on some raspberry tea and fresh strawberries and o h  m y  g a w d … It just snowballed into so much deliciousness… Ended my Parks & Recreation marathon with some waffles al la Leslie Nope […]


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I’ve been excited to try out these recipes for awhile now. I’ve always been a fan of pate chauds and was very surprised to find out that they are ridiculously easy and quick to make. So voila! my very first pate chauds, or what my mom likes to call pate so. They were so delicious! I think I’ve recruited two fans already. Also been meaning to try out the Barefoot Contessa’s truffle filet of beef […]