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snow day

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Houston / photography

The second time it snowed in past few months here in Houston. Not one to be stuck inside with cabin fever, I took a stroll down the neighborhood and that eventually led to a drive through downtown, visiting my favorite haunts and discovering more hidden spots. This town is perfect when it’s desolate on days like this.

Temple at Midnight

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Houston / Life

New Years Eve is always fun, because my brother and sister and I like to spend the night going on our traditional midnight temple run, sometimes visiting more than one to celebrate Tet. This year, we went to an old one downtown where we ran into a couple of familiar faces, and enjoyed the traditional dragon dances. I love seeing all the beautiful, bright red and gold lanterns illuminating the night sky. Fresh lucky bamboo […]

sweets for brunch

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Houston / weekends

Saturday Brunch with my two favorite girls. We stopped by to check out Common Bond and was glad to see that the food was as good as the hype, especially the bakery goods and coffee. Olivia is getting to that age where she is so much more curious about her surroundings, and with all the tall windows and clattering from the baristas’ counter, she just couldn’t help to stay in her chair for too long, […]