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hello little one…

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Life / Parties

One of my oldest friend is expecting her first baby and I, of course, volunteered to plan the decor for her baby shower. I do love a good party! The space that she rented out has a great mural with all my favorite colors and it really inspired me to go for a bright and colorful theme. I was also really inspired by a lot of Beci Orpin’s work, her use of whimsical shapes and […]


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Life / Phamily

My brother surprised me out of the blue when he asked to hang out with me in my neighborhood. We spent a good part of the day enjoying brunch and drinks at some of my favorite haunts and even had time to check out the current exhibit at the Asia Society quickly. It’s a rare occasion to spend time with him since he lives so far and work schedules often conflict, but always a good […]

James, year one

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Life / Parties / Potpourri

My nephew turned 1 last weekend and I helped my sister throw a moon & stars themed birthday party for him. I kind of had trouble coming up with ideas for this one, but really became inspired that week before the party. I was able to pull together a few pieces for the party, including this string art piece for the dessert table. Art Club has been working with string art for the past few […]


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Life / Parties / Potpourri

          My brother and his wife welcomed a baby girl, Amélie, last October. As part of the Vietnamese tradition, we celebrated her first month into the world with food and family from both sides. My dad made his well-loved curry and my sister and I had another excuse to practice our flower arranging skills that we learned from a previous floral workshop.

new digs…

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home sweet home / Life

I’ve been settling into my new place since May and things are finally starting to feel at home now after all the furniture has been brought in and books and personal items have been arranged in their own place. The apartment is small, but I love that it is located near all of my favorite museums, running trails and restaurants and walking distance to parks and quaint neighborhoods. It’s also great to have family visit […]