Year 3

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art / Phamily
Kusama blog 3

We celebrated Olivia’s big t h r e e by spending the day at the museums checking out some amazing exhibits and indulging in some delicious chicken & waffles and biscuits . The Kusama: At the Edge of the Universe exhibit  left us wanting more time in the her colorful and ethereal spaces. I was able to check out the exhibit a few days ahead and on the second go, it was nice to experience the Aftermath of Obliteration of Eternity exhibit on my own and take in the strange and wonderfulness of that space. We were also able to make a quick stop at the CAMH to check out Jae Ko’s flow   exhibit. The staggering amount of paper used for this installation felt, ironically, very calm and serene as we walked throughout the room inspecting each fold and curve of the structure.

new life

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home sweet home

I have a bad habit of killing my plants, but for some reason, the last batch of succulents and houseplants that I bought or re-potted have been thriving and showing signs of new life with a few sprouts popping up here and there. My monstera plants have surprised me the most. After splitting them up into two separate pots, I was afraid the worse had happened when the leaves began to turn yellow or wilt and die. After a month or two, new leaves and roots began sprouting and it looks as if these new forms of life have been keeping these plants alive and looking more healthy than before. As for my wonky succulent that has been growing and growing, reaching and curving for the sky, two tiny sprouts have grown from the stem. I’m such a proud mama right now:) I made several ceramic pieces as gifts for friends and family, but now I’m getting too attached to them.

paper goods

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I’ve been a big fan of Corrie Beth’s hand crafted paper plants for awhile, and since I didn’t really teach a big lesson on paper design this year with my students, I thought it’d be a good excuse to get my hands on some paper with the art club kids and make some plants for our fundraiser this year. Also, I was able to use up all the old ceramic pieces lying around the store room and from my collection at home. These plants turned out so awesome, I’m actually kind of addicted to making them. I can’t wait to share these with everyone and get this fundraiser rolling. So far, we’ve raised enough money to get a nice little field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts this May!


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Life / Phamily

My brother surprised me out of the blue when he asked to hang out with me in my neighborhood. We spent a good part of the day enjoying brunch and drinks at some of my favorite haunts and even had time to check out the current exhibit at the Asia Society quickly. It’s a rare occasion to spend time with him since he lives so far and work schedules often conflict, but always a good time when it does happen!

secret garden

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I took my niece and nephew to the Bayou Bend Gardens for a quick photo session during my Spring Break. I was hoping to catch the pink magnolias in full bloom, but unfortunately, missed it by a week. We were able to enjoy the camellias, tulips and azaleas that were still showing their vibrant pink blooms. I really love this garden and have been meaning to visit it at least once a year. You have to walk across a narrow bridge over the bayou to get to the gardens and it’s quite peaceful and secluded if you get a chance to go on days when there are not too many people around.