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Phamily / Travel

The majority of my family was able to gather and spend a few days together last month in Utah to celebrate a graduation and catch up with each other. It’s been so long since we’ve all come together that moments like these are so dear to me. After having to go through a terrible delay at the airport the first night of the trip, the rest of of the weekend trip was so wonderful. We made our first stop at our Uncle Thai”s house where he had a giant pot of pho ready fro us to devour, along with the homemade crawfish my mom had cooked, froze, and transported from Houston. The view from the top of Salt Lake City’s hill’s are so calming and beautiful during sunset.

We also managed to squeeze in a quick camping trip to Zion and Bryce Canyons. The hiking trails are pretty manageable and if i had more time, I’d love to spend more time exploring the trails deeper into the canyons and camp over night longer.


hello little one…

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Life / Parties

One of my oldest friend is expecting her first baby and I, of course, volunteered to plan the decor for her baby shower. I do love a good party! The space that she rented out has a great mural with all my favorite colors and it really inspired me to go for a bright and colorful theme. I was also really inspired by a lot of Beci Orpin’s work, her use of whimsical shapes and color combinations, which were incorporated throughout the party as paper confetti and the abstract paintings I painted for the walls and the dessert table. I haven’t really painted any personal work for awhile now so it was a really calming and amazing experience to have time during school to spend immersed into those abstract landscapes and just allowing the colors to guide me as I painted. It’s usually so chaotic the week leading up to parties that I plan, but in this case, the painting process really allowed me to take a moment to relax and breath and get my thoughts sorted. This is definitely one of my favorite parties so far, looking forward to more inspiration and fun parties to plan in the future!


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art / photography

I finally woke up early enough to experience James Turrell’s Skyspace light sequence. Walking up to the space, the quietness of the morning was quite eerie as if  sound had been wiped out just in this part of the world. I’ve seen plenty of beautiful pictures of the space before, but experiencing the lights in person is really amazing. As I walked up the stairs to meet my friend, I couldn’t help but exclaim that it looked just like a sunrise, for it it really did feel like I was walking up towards and into the sky as the lights illuminated blue and teal around me.  Except a for few French kids, we had the space to ourselves to Instagram to our hearts desire. The space is beautiful and definitely worth the five o’clock wake up call.


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art / Places / Travel

Chihuly Gardens was surprisingly one of my favorite places in Seattle. I admit that flowery glass sculptures sounded like a cheesy idea at first, but walking through the museum and seeing all the beautiful spectrum of colors and glass pieces was quite an amazing experience.  The grandeur of those glass sculptures are pretty neat to see in person.

(photo by Khoa T.)

(photo by Khoa T.)


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Places / Travel

We arrived in Seattle late at night and after stuffing ourselves completely full with sushi, we were able to enjoy this awesome view from the rooftop of our Airbnb pad. The rest of our stay in Seattle consisted of exploring the neighborhoods and enjoying as much food as we could possibly stuff ourselves with, and that definitely meant lots of sushi, fresh seafood and locally brewed beers.  I didn’t realize how Seattle had so many different neighborhoods. I kind of just assumed that it was a a large metropolitan area, but I was definitely intrigued by the surrounding neighborhoods that we were able to explore. Thanks to a couple of friends and family that we met up with during our visit, we were able to take in some of Seattle’s amazing variety of cuisines, enjoyed some beach time and drinks with some really awesome company and conversations. I admit, I got a little lazy with the hauling my camera around during the most part of Seattle, but did manage to capture a few shots from Pike’s Market, a tourist stop for sure, but we enjoyed experiencing it nonetheless. I highly recommend grabbing some char sui on a stick while you’re in line waiting for that famous clam chowder. And if you’re up late looking for a spot to chill with drinks, I really recommend the Innkeeper in Belltown.