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Old Yellow

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More from the film camera. These are from my first time visiting Yellowstone National Park. No bear sightings, but we managed to (literally) run into a few elk families as they were heading towards the hot springs. One female elk was running so fast, my aunt was so close to being knocked over. The park is such a beautiful and expansive place. I just wish I had more time to spend there. Maybe next time…

a break, a pause, the calm before the storm…

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35MM / Life / Phamily

I am officially worn out. These past two weeks have been spent meeting, discussing, networking, and most importantly, prepping for the new school year starting next Monday. Throw in a photo shoot too and I think I’ve got both my hands full in this juggling act. After Monday, I think everything will fall into place…hopefully. I’m excited for the new year with lots of lesson plans running through my head. Today, I finally picked up […]

in a haze, a stormy haze…

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35MM / weekends

Everyone convened at Grand Prize after the Menil party last night. I brought my old Canon but left the flash at home, so most of these night shots are not quite as sharp, but I do love the way that most of them have turned out. I’m kind of diggin’ this Kodak Ektra film. The colors are wildly unpredictable and saturated, but maybe it’s just another one of my old rolls of film that have […]