a break, a pause, the calm before the storm…

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I am officially worn out. These past two weeks have been spent meeting, discussing, networking, and most importantly, prepping for the new school year starting next Monday. Throw in a photo shoot too and I think I’ve got both my hands full in this juggling act. After Monday, I think everything will fall into place…hopefully. I’m excited for the new year with lots of lesson plans running through my head. Today, I finally picked up those rolls of film I shot during my trip to Salt Lake City and Yellowstone. A few highlights from the trip include, hanging out with the kids, swimming everyday, cooking and eating fresh ingredients from my Aunt’s backyard (her peaches and green tomatoes are amazing!), Cynthia’s rock collection that I’ve been dying to see (it did not disappoint), exploring downtown Salt Lake City by train and visiting my favorite German diner, Siegfried’s; rummaging through old collections of Alice in Wonderland and other wonderful editions at a local bookshop, art festivals in Park City and climbing almost 7,000 ft up to Timpanogos Cave with my Uncle Thai, and spending evenings at his diner with the family enjoying super ice cream sundaes (with custom durian/chocolate flavored concoctions).

With things piling up so quickly lately , I’ve been taking a few quiet moments to myself each day to just breathe and embrace that calm before the storm. I’m grateful that I’m able to do what I love and have such an awesome support system with my family and friends. Can’t wait for what the future holds…

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