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Wish List

So many good things happening over at Anthro right now. I’ve been pretty excited to see that Anthro is now featuring some of Leah Goren and Samantha Pleet’s dresses for their new spring line. Goren’s watercolor prints have always peaked my interest and after having been introduced to Samantha Pleet this year by  a friend, I guess you could say I’m pretty excited to blow my pocketbook off. But. I must contain my excitement and […]

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home sweet home / Wish List

I’ve been shopping for house decor and accessories these past few weeks for my sister’s new house. We used up a lot of mileage, but managed to find some spectacular deals at some local thrift and vintage shops. And of course, the always reliable Ross and Marshall’s Home Goods stores did not disappoint either.  You would think the living room or entertainment room is the most important and expensive place in a house, but I […]

window shopping

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fashion / Wish List

I can be a pretty bad Forever 21 fiend sometimes. OK. 95% of the time. But I really can’t help it. I’m a starving artist student. That’s the worst combination ever! And I really should not give into mass production and consumption, but these little details always manage to make me giddy. It’s a shopping problem I have. everything via Forever 21 except for that A M A Z I N G cat tank via […]