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I’ve been shopping for house decor and accessories these past few weeks for my sister’s new house. We used up a lot of mileage, but managed to find some spectacular deals at some local thrift and vintage shops. And of course, the always reliable Ross and Marshall’s Home Goods stores did not disappoint either.  You would think the living room or entertainment room is the most important and expensive place in a house, but I beg to differ. So far, we’ve mostly been buying essentials for the kitchen, and the needs and wants just doesn’t seem to end! I think I’ve been substituting my dress shopping addiction for kitchen knick knacks.

Anyway, isn’t this hand painted drink dispenser the loveliest? It’s quite a splurge, but I think the party hostess in me is really considering getting one. And these ceramic fruit baskets remind me of those green plastic ones  that strawberries come in. My mom always bought those when I was younger.

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