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summer’s end

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Things have begun to change quickly around here, but the heat waves and ever-rising temperatures have remained the one true, dependable constant throughout this short, short summer. As August draws to a close already, Houstonians have given up their complaints of being hot and have just complied with this inevitable sweaty lifestyle. Photographs of 100+ degree temperatures still manage to pop up on INstagram, and I guess I’m just biding the time until I start […]

an evening with friends…

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This has been an exciting year for the family. My sister is expecting for the first time and in two months, there will be a very spoiled and loved baby in the house. For her birthday, we decided to invite our close friends over for a crawfish boil and some delicious Korean barbecue ribs. Her husband had been working hard on building a deck in their backyard, so an outdoor party seemed to be ideal […]

bee season

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Houston / in the backyard

Some images from the last days of my spring break. I was able to get lots of work done the earlier half of the week and spent the last few days outside enjoying the a m a z i n g  weather, visiting museums, grading papers outside in Brazil’s patio, and relaxing  in the backyard with Baby Girl. Can’t believe it’s spring already…

signs of Spring…

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Cats / in the backyard

The winter is slowly showing signs of it’s departure down here in the South. On good occasions, like this past week, the only remnants of its presence comes to us in chilly breezes, accompanied by those blazing orange sunsets around 6 o’clock in the evenings. Signs of spring have been discovered, if you look close enough, in the little weeds that peek through the grass and in the flowering pear trees that have been so […]

cactus garden

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in the backyard

Even though I’m off for an entire week for Thanksgiving break, I still feel like I’m constantly in teaching mode.  I drove around to various nurseries today in search of cacti for upcoming Rodeo drawing projects when school commences again. (Surprisingly enough, Home Depot carries the cheapest and has a wider selection of cacti to choose from) And sure, it probably would have been more economical in the long run and less stressful to purchase […]