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This has been an exciting year for the family. My sister is expecting for the first time and in two months, there will be a very spoiled and loved baby in the house. For her birthday, we decided to invite our close friends over for a crawfish boil and some delicious Korean barbecue ribs. Her husband had been working hard on building a deck in their backyard, so an outdoor party seemed to be ideal for such an occasion. All we really needed for the party was good company, yummy food, and a few drinks (pink lemondae for the mom-to-be of course!), but if you know me well enough, I just had to make a few decorations! Handmade pinwheels were easy enough to make out of butcher paper and brightly patterned gift wrap, and the flowers are pretty and practical for use in the backyard after the party.

This is a belated post, but I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter holiday with your families.

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