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skate park

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downtown / photography

I like watching these guys at the skate park. There is something to be said about the tenacity of skateboarders; they go for it, they fall, they bleed, they get up and do it all over again. The guys on the sidelines stand and watch too, checking out each other’s moves, waiting for their turn, learning, admiring, soaking it all in. Soaked liked their shirts and hair and body, drenched with sweat as they all […]


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photography / Portraits

It’s almost six o’clock and the sun is about to set upon us. We’re in this space between a wall of wood beams and Ed is unpacking his gear. I’m setting my tripod and taking test shots and I’m not sure if he notices, but I watch him as he dons his black suit on and lays out the white pieces. It’s sort of a clusterfuck at this moment, as time and sunlight is pressuring […]

25 years is a long time

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photography / recollections

This patch of pampas grass caught my eye as I was driving through parts of downtown today. It reminded me of my childhood when we would use the stalks to play sword fight with one another. In my dreams, sometimes, pampas grass is overgrown and there is a tall abandoned brick building where we used to play together. The four of us, running through the fields of tall grass, a tornado looming in the distant… […]