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The little polydactyl kitten that my sister rescued from a grocery parking lot has been enjoying its new life. When she’s not too busy chasing Charlie (the other cat) around the house, she likes to lounge around on the sofas with her long, wispy tail, swinging ever so delicately about.

signs of Spring…

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Cats / in the backyard

The winter is slowly showing signs of it’s departure down here in the South. On good occasions, like this past week, the only remnants of its presence comes to us in chilly breezes, accompanied by those blazing orange sunsets around 6 o’clock in the evenings. Signs of spring have been discovered, if you look close enough, in the little weeds that peek through the grass and in the flowering pear trees that have been so […]


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Cats / Potpourri

A Caturday post: I’ve been feeding this stray cat for a while now and its been coming by the house more often lately. I know I shouldn’t but stray cats are the most depressing things aside from that Sarah Maclachlan commercial for the SPCA. My brother tells me it’s pregnant which now I am definitely obligated to feed it even more. Guess I will really grow up to be a crazy cat lady after all.

after six…

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Cats / Life

Heterochromia iridium Sundays are good for several things, Waking up at noon and going home early from work. Everywhere closes early around five or six so it always feels like everyone is at home relaxing. Listening to the Moth at six on the drive home. Hanging out with the kidsĀ  right when sunset illuminates the window, and it’s always a rare treat for me to have Joey sit so still for photos. (I can see […]


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Cats / home sweet home

The sun is making all the plants wither in the scorching heat, but we managed to pick these potatoes before it was too late. Dad’s pepper plants. Once they ripen to red, they’ll be spicy enough to be picked for daily meals. I love spicy but I was never able to manage the heat as well as my family did, who all preferred to take a bite out of a piece of pepper with their […]