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Heterochromia iridium

Sundays are good for several things,

Waking up at noon and going home early from work. Everywhere closes early around five or six so it always feels like everyone is at home relaxing.

Listening to the Moth at six on the drive home.

Hanging out with the kids  right when sunset illuminates the window, and it’s always a rare treat for me to have Joey sit so still for photos. (I can see why my mom thinks Joey is a female cat and always calls him “Joely” now. He’s got an effeminate quality about him. That top picture reminds me of an odalisque.)

My dead lucky bamboo enjoying its last days in the sun.

And best of all about Sundays, Phamily dinners. A collaborated effort by Mom and Dad, spicy noodles with crab meat and tofu (bun rieu).

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful kitty : )

    Kim’s mom made the same thing for us this morning, and it was DELICIOUS!

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