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after six…

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Cats / Life

Heterochromia iridium Sundays are good for several things, Waking up at noon and going home early from work. Everywhere closes early around five or six so it always feels like everyone is at home relaxing. Listening to the Moth at six on the drive home. Hanging out with the kids¬† right when sunset illuminates the window, and it’s always a rare treat for me to have Joey sit so still for photos. (I can see […]

I heart Joey

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Cats / Potpourri

I think my cat Joey is in love with me. Everyday when I come home from work and lie on my bed to read a magazine or if I’m doing something on the computer, he’d always come into¬† my room, plop himself on the floor in this manner and stare amorously at me. And most of the time, in the mornings, I’ll wake up to find him in my chair next to my bed, also […]