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sweet potato frittata

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I’ve been changing my diet up since January, cutting out red meat and incorporating more greens and healthy proteins in my meals and working out at least two to three times a week. So far, I’ve enjoyed cooking and looking up new recipes to go with this new lifestyle. Kitchen Confidante has been a favorite blog to visit and get inspiration. I tried out this sweet potato and kale frittata awhile back and it was […]

lounging around

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food / Life

The temperature has finally hit the three digits around here. Just walking to my car feels like I’ve been in a sauna for hours. Even the cats have been less keen to rise from their afternoon naps, instead, opting to lay on their backs and sleep in for hours and hours long. I have to admit, I’ve been more lazy than usual, putting off work in lieu of hanging with the new baby and eating […]


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My dad may be known as the cook around the house, but when it comes to vegan dishes, no one beats my mom. Every year for Tet, she would recreate her special vegan noodle dish, the same one that she used to sit at a local food cart in Vietnam and would eat with her sister. The concept is simple but using many key ingredients. Rice noodles cooked in a sweet broth that has been […]