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The temperature has finally hit the three digits around here. Just walking to my car feels like I’ve been in a sauna for hours. Even the cats have been less keen to rise from their afternoon naps, instead, opting to lay on their backs and sleep in for hours and hours long. I have to admit, I’ve been more lazy than usual, putting off work in lieu of hanging with the new baby and eating and lounging around my sister’s house. She’s been put on a strict meat and rice diet regime by the Moms (our mom and the in law). We’ve been having visitors come by to see the newborn and along with it, a slew of delicious home cooked meals and goodies. I’m not complaining…

banh cuong with pork and bean sprouts

… putting this new food cover to good use. I just love the intricate weaving and patterns on this cover.

pork banh canh with a hint of ginger

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