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in the backyard

Even though I’m off for an entire week for Thanksgiving break, I still feel like I’m constantly in teaching mode.  I drove around to various nurseries today in search of cacti for upcoming Rodeo drawing projects when school commences again. (Surprisingly enough, Home Depot carries the cheapest and has a wider selection of cacti to choose from) And sure, it probably would have been more economical in the long run and less stressful to purchase a few fake cactus plants, but I think the real ones are so much more tactile and beautiful to look at, especially the ones with those vibrant flowers. If anything, these plants will make a colorful edition to the classroom. Aaaand, I gotta say, I’m a bit excited to have a few students try and mess with these plants for a change and experience those prickly needles for themselves. 🙂

My macrame planter hanger from Myth & Symbol’s workshop last Thursday.

Gardening tip #356: Pour a layer to pebbles or gravel in the pot before adding soil for cacti and succulents. This helps with the drainage and balances out the weight, especially with the more top heavy cactus plants. A porous planter like this terra cotta one will also help to to dry out the soil faster to prevent root rot.

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