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Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are all spending these few days with your loved ones and eating delicious foods like giants. I know I am for sure. My family has been hosting Thanksgiving dinner for the past two years, with all my uncles and aunts, and cousins coming over to our house. It’s usually myself and my brother and sister who cooks the American fare of turkey and side dishes and my parents making a few Vietnamese dishes also. This year was no exception with the fusion of both American and Vietnamese dishes coming together in a banquet of deliciousness. My dad went all out this year and served up some very bad ass seafood dishes including chili lobster noodles, fried soft shelled crab, liver & pork pate, beef lotus salad, and crab meat soup. My mom made her famous fried bananas and eggplant with shrimp, and we snacked on these during out morning preparation for dinner. Still full as I type this, and one thing that I am definitely also thankful for is… leftovers! (photos courtesy of my bro and his new favorite lens)

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