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Images from a teaching workshop I participated in yesterday at the Glassell School of Art along with Chau (from Rckshw). I think, with more practice and experimentation, that chain could be turned into something really interesting. I was trying to go for the ombre effect below. The batik fabric dying workshop was really fun, also. I’m always kind of a dunce when it comes to layering on colors, especially in printing techniques like this one, so I may have overdone it with the colored dyes. Chau’s design was a a bit more successful, but overall, this is something I would definitely try out with my students later on.

I’m glad I was able to get out of the house and immerse myself into an art environment yesterday, even if traffic was a pain in the ass in the morning. The Glassell School had some wonderful student pieces on display and I didn’t hesitate to document a few pieces for inspiration and ideas for lesson plans. I’m particularly drawn to the color study below using old paintings. This would be something the students might be interested in rather than mixing color wheels again.

One more week of sleeping in, then I’m off on vacation, and possibly a visit to Yellowstone! And then it’s definitely crunch time. The summer has come and gone too fast and I have yet to begun on my lesson plans! :/

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