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Last night I celebrated the grand opening of Myth & Symbol, the new boutique and creative child of four of my good friends. Friends and family all showed up for support and to participate in a little mingling and late night shopping.  The store offers an array of high and low end items from house goods to clothes and jewelry and shoes. The clothes are minimal and constructed beautifully. From Ace & Jig linen and cotton tanks and shorts to Samantha Pleet cosmic asymmetrical dresses and Baggu canvas backpacks, each piece is reminiscent of Chau and Trang’s effortless style. Along with this, the store also carries beautifully crafted jewelry pieces from various American designers like  Odette NY, Fay Andrada, and Dream Collective. I’m sorely tempted to grab a few pieces for myself  even though I’m on a strict shopping diet. I think what I’m really excited for, though,  is browsing through all the zines and a magazines that they’ve curated. The store will also feature art workshops in the future, which I’m really excited for also. (more pics here)

And even though Houston has been relentless in its high temperatures this past month, many friends came out last night to celebrate. I even ran into a several of my high school mates. I can’t believe September will be ten years already. Time has really flown by.

P.S. I gave in and bought the Samantha Pleet dress I’ve been eyeing at Anthropologie. No shopping for the rest of the month! But I really want that cat dress. 😦

no Deathly Hallow symbol… I checked

My sister’s new Fay Andrada gold pinot stacked rings… They’re really gorgeous in person

… matching Samantha Pleet hemilines

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