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une grande ouverture…

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Last night I celebrated the grand opening of Myth & Symbol, the new boutique and creative child of four of my good friends. Friends and family all showed up for support and to participate in a little mingling and late night shopping.  The store offers an array of high and low end items from house goods to clothes and jewelry and shoes. The clothes are minimal and constructed beautifully. From Ace & Jig linen and […]

made in kind…

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Wish List

So many good things happening over at Anthro right now. I’ve been pretty excited to see that Anthro is now featuring some of Leah Goren and Samantha Pleet’s dresses for their new spring line. Goren’s watercolor prints have always peaked my interest and after having been introduced to Samantha Pleet this year by  a friend, I guess you could say I’m pretty excited to blow my pocketbook off. But. I must contain my excitement and […]