in a haze, a stormy haze…

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35MM / weekends

Everyone convened at Grand Prize after the Menil party last night. I brought my old Canon but left the flash at home, so most of these night shots are not quite as sharp, but I do love the way that most of them have turned out. I’m kind of diggin’ this Kodak Ektra film. The colors are wildly unpredictable and saturated, but maybe it’s just another one of my old rolls of film that have been exposed overtime. I forget. I really like the one of my friend, Roshan for some reason. The colors are really dreamy and fantastic, and the blurriness reminds me of the Gummo film cover, or the James Blake album.

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  1. i like the blurriness too. very dreamy. do you scan your own prints? they turned it great!

    • psaugust says

      Yeah I scanned the ones in the last few posts but didn’t have time for this set, so I just got it on Cd at Wolf.

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