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I’m so glad I was able to take a big Asia trip before all this Covid hit us. It’s been almost a decade since I was able to last visit my home country and this time, I made sure to explore more parts of Vietnam. My family and I made plans to see more scenic spots in Vietnam with the beaches in Nha Trang and the majestic Ha Long Bay being on top of our list. And even after a whirlwind trip to Thailand and Japan after visiting Vietnam, I still miss home the most and wish I had more time to spend in Vietnam. The familiar feeling of just being home, the smell of fresh rambutans and mangosteen in the mornings, street vendors in front of my aunt’s house who still recognize me as a babe and cafe su da every morning; these are a few things that make my heart swell a little bit every time I think of home.


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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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