Be Here…

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art / video


Experimenting with video through my phone. This was shot from the Dallas trip…. bigger ideas coming soon


25 years is a long time

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photography / recollections

This patch of pampas grass caught my eye as I was driving through parts of downtown today. It reminded me of my childhood when we would use the stalks to play sword fight with one another.

In my dreams, sometimes, pampas grass is overgrown and there is a tall abandoned brick building where we used to play together. The four of us, running through the fields of tall grass, a tornado looming in the distant…

Here, I make my way through the pampas grass. I run my fingers along the sharp blades. The lens blurs , the wind blurs, the feathery flowers are blurry, but my memories are clear…


snow day

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Houston / photography

The second time it snowed in past few months here in Houston. Not one to be stuck inside with cabin fever, I took a stroll down the neighborhood and that eventually led to a drive through downtown, visiting my favorite haunts and discovering more hidden spots. This town is perfect when it’s desolate on days like this.

sound, light, visuals

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art / audio

This year seems to be the year of sound and light for me. First, a trip to Marfa and the unforgettable exhibits by Donald Judd and Robert Irwin and a mesmerizing performance by Solange. All the frequent trips downtown, re-experiencing and really taking a closer look at the neighborhoods surrounding me. I am captivated by the lights and the audio and the motions of the city. I’m inspired to re-visit old favorite works from Edward Hopper , Robert Adams and Philip-Lorca deCorcia and immerse myself into their world of light and color.

Last weekend was no exception either as I attended my second year a the Day for Night festival. The festival was definitely a step up from last year with more interactive light and art installations. The Post HTX is a a pretty cool building and the festival definitely worked out most of the kinks from last year to create a more enjoyable experience. I was really blown away by all the visual and performing artists. They’re all at the top of their game and it’s great to see them captivate everyone with their talent. I remember standing in crowd watching Justice perform and being able to see the colors and lights and hear the sounds and feel the bass flow through my body and thinking to myself, this is the moment…just let go. How can music and art influence perception and emotion? How do I see and experience this world? It’s always ever changing. How shall I capture those moments and share them with others? If I can take in all these wonderful experiences, what can I put back out into this world?  These are the questions I think about and these are the ideas that drive me as an artist…

maybe we are all comets in this world, but let’s make an impression as we pass through…

Dallas by day

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Places / Travel / weekends

I made my first trip to Dallas after all these years living in Texas and found that I really enjoy the city. My sister was graduating with her Masters and it was a good excuse to finally see the city. The drive was a short one (especially since I was able to finally nap my way from an exhausting week full of work deadlines) and even though the trip was a short weekend, we  still managed to discover a few local spots along the way. We stayed in the Bishop Arts District, which is a quaint little neighborhood filled with old but charming homes and small shops and boutiques, superb cafes like Oddfellows, which has one of the most amazing brunches that even my brother in law and mom couldn’t complain. We also hung out in Deep Ellum where the downtown scene was vibrant with a more younger and hip crowd and the Japanese BBQ is very very g o o d. Overall, if I have more, I’d definitely like to venture back into Dallas to explore more of the city.


night visions

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Places / weekends

Downtown Houston has always had a soft spot in my heart. Even when I used to live in the suburbs,  I would find myself making that long trek into the city. I remember, my friends and I would drive down Allen Parkway after filling our bellies with Amy’s ice cream or after a long night of dancing in dirty dance clubs, or sweating away in crowded rooms where our favorite bands would entertain us; we’d drive down that same road and make that curve and see the downtown skyline in front of us and it always made me feel so tiny in the world. We would joke around that we felt “infinite” and we’d have a good laugh, but I’d place my hand out the passenger window as we drove down that road fast and I’d let the cold wind through my fingers and I really felt content for that very moment.

Downtown has a new f e e l for me. I love that I’m only a short train ride into town now where I can venture into my favorite haunts and discover hidden secret bars. Most places are loud and full of people enjoying their own weekend adventures, but there are a few gems that I’ve come to appreciate more and more as I frequent down Main Street, and the experiences are new and different and exciting all at once. The night time inspires me and my head is full of ideas and plans. I’ve rediscovered my old art videos from college and have been getting itchy with getting the camera back into my hands to make some art videos. Sound and light and memories are all that haunts me at night now and I’m excited to see where this all leads to…