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One of my oldest friend is expecting her first baby and I, of course, volunteered to plan the decor for her baby shower. I do love a good party! The space that she rented out has a great mural with all my favorite colors and it really inspired me to go for a bright and colorful theme. I was also really inspired by a lot of Beci Orpin’s work, her use of whimsical shapes and color combinations, which were incorporated throughout the party as paper confetti and the abstract paintings I painted for the walls and the dessert table. I haven’t really painted any personal work for awhile now so it was a really calming and amazing experience to have time during school to spend immersed into those abstract landscapes and just allowing the colors to guide me as I painted. It’s usually so chaotic the week leading up to parties that I plan, but in this case, the painting process really allowed me to take a moment to relax and breath and get my thoughts sorted. This is definitely one of my favorite parties so far, looking forward to more inspiration and fun parties to plan in the future!

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