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The majority of my family was able to gather and spend a few days together last month in Utah to celebrate a graduation and catch up with each other. It’s been so long since we’ve all come together that moments like these are so dear to me. After having to go through a terrible delay at the airport the first night of the trip, the rest of of the weekend trip was so wonderful. We made our first stop at our Uncle Thai”s house where he had a giant pot of pho ready fro us to devour, along with the homemade crawfish my mom had cooked, froze, and transported from Houston. The view from the top of Salt Lake City’s hill’s are so calming and beautiful during sunset.

We also managed to squeeze in a quick camping trip to Zion and Bryce Canyons. The hiking trails are pretty manageable and if i had more time, I’d love to spend more time exploring the trails deeper into the canyons and camp over night longer.

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