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My nephew turned 1 last weekend and I helped my sister throw a moon & stars themed birthday party for him. I kind of had trouble coming up with ideas for this one, but really became inspired that week before the party. I was able to pull together a few pieces for the party, including this string art piece for the dessert table. Art Club has been working with string art for the past few weeks and I thought what’s a better idea than to finally put that round piece of wood I had purchased awhile back to good use. Fresh spring flowers were in bloom at the floral shop and I love how those a few filler pieces along with freesias and ranunculus can make such a statement. (The freesias are still in bloom as I type this)! I really love how everything came together so beautifully for the party, and everyone seemed to enjoy the decor. I always love a good family gathering. My dad makes his special curry and noodles and moms and aunts all pitch in with their favorite dishes. And of course, you know it’s a Vietnamese party when there’s a giant roasted pig greeting you when you walk in the door.

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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