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Life / Parties / Potpourri

          My brother and his wife welcomed a baby girl, Amélie, last October. As part of the Vietnamese tradition, we celebrated her first month into the world with food and family from both sides. My dad made his well-loved curry and my sister and I had another excuse to practice our flower arranging skills that we learned from a previous floral workshop.

new digs…

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home sweet home / Life

I’ve been settling into my new place since May and things are finally starting to feel at home now after all the furniture has been brought in and books and personal items have been arranged in their own place. The apartment is small, but I love that it is located near all of my favorite museums, running trails and restaurants and walking distance to parks and quaint neighborhoods. It’s also great to have family visit […]

Temple at Midnight

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Houston / Life

New Years Eve is always fun, because my brother and sister and I like to spend the night going on our traditional midnight temple run, sometimes visiting more than one to celebrate Tet. This year, we went to an old one downtown where we ran into a couple of familiar faces, and enjoyed the traditional dragon dances. I love seeing all the beautiful, bright red and gold lanterns illuminating the night sky. Fresh lucky bamboo […]

Spring colors…

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home sweet home / Life

Happy New Year! The flowers are fresh, the fruits have been arranged, and the red envelopes have been hung onto the forsythia branches. Every year, I enjoy helping my mom out during the few days leading up to the eve of Tet getting the house decorated to welcome the new year. This year, we had such an overwhelming harvest of oranges, grapefruits and kumquats from the backyard, that the house has been filled with these […]


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Life / weekends

As a photo blogger, photo files are so important to me, so when my hard drive crashed on me last November, I had a pretty bad meltdown over potential lost files and memories that I had deemed lost forever. Fortunately, my brother was able to recover the majority of the files on my hard drive and life is a little bit more sane again. 🙂 So the next few posts will be catching up from […]