Temple at Midnight

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New Years Eve is always fun, because my brother and sister and I like to spend the night going on our traditional midnight temple run, sometimes visiting more than one to celebrate Tet. This year, we went to an old one downtown where we ran into a couple of familiar faces, and enjoyed the traditional dragon dances. I love seeing all the beautiful, bright red and gold lanterns illuminating the night sky. Fresh lucky bamboo stalks and gladiolas are being passed out and the smell of tangerines and burning incense are overwhelming the senses.   The temple is always packed with people holding a bouquet of incense above their heads as we all make our way through the altars to make our prayers for a healthy, prosperous year to come. I love the sweet, floral smell of incense. It reminds me of my mom as she always lights one for our ancestors in the house during the evenings. Every year, the weather drops an extra few degrees in temperature when we go on our midnight temple runs, but I still enjoy spending these little moments with family, even more now with Olivia and little baby boy on the way. Olivia is still getting used to the dragons, but she really likes being outdoors. Can you spot her in the crowd?

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