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As a photo blogger, photo files are so important to me, so when my hard drive crashed on me last November, I had a pretty bad meltdown over potential lost files and memories that I had deemed lost forever. Fortunately, my brother was able to recover the majority of the files on my hard drive and life is a little bit more sane again. 🙂 So the next few posts will be catching up from November, which has been kind of a whirlwind month with so many photo shoots and personal events happening. Tet is just around the corner this week, so I’ll try to post and catch up on everything before then. As with every new year, I am always optimistic for so many good things to come and feel very blessed with so many good things that have already been.So here’s to the start of many more good things to come this year…

Having a niece has given me a good excuse to go to more family oriented events like this light show that the Zoo.

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