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paper crafty

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art / inspiration

Another Hattie Newman inspiration piece. When it gets cooler here, I will test out some of these lovely paper trees for my sister’s bridal shower. It’s going to be a quirky cute garden theme and these trees might just be the thing for the deck area. In the meantime, I’ve been busy working on some paper crafts to send out to my old classmates and friends. Aren’t these paper creations by Sarah Illenberger the beez […]

retirement plans

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architecture / inspiration

I love these colorful, looming houses in Vietnam. They’re like cute Monopoly houses stacked on top one another. My aunt has a quaint two story one in Ben Tre and the view from the top balcony is always amazing, especially in the mornings when the breeze blows  through. One day, I want to build myself one in Vietnam, or even something like Ahmad Djuhara’s home in Jakarta below. Imagine just lying in a hammock on […]