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discovering new trails…

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During our adventures to gather twigs and berries for our Thanksgiving dinner last Saturday, we discovered a secluded trail. It was eeire and beautiful at the same time. There’s a  fork in the hiking trail where a small open field lies revealing patches of clover and small weeds. The only thing that might have been missing was a circle of toadstools. Now, that would have been magical. (images from our phones)  

autumn textiles

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Sorting through my closet and bringing out fall and winter clothes. It’s time to layer on those blouses and silk skirts and wool cardigans. I just love autumn hues like mustard yellow, burnt umber, chartreuse, hot magenta and bright tomato reds. Also, for some reason, I love wearing vintage during autumn the most. Two of my favorite essentials, both vintage, a gilded lion purse and a leather brown woven handbag that is beginning to show […]

little things

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I appreciate and love Thanksgiving more and more every year! I’m thankful for all my family and friends and the little things that make me smile, like cranberry sauce and mini pumpkin tarts… Or discovering that things fall into place when you least expect it to… The way my cat Joey plays with socks when he thinks no one is watching… Like finding a Kiwi statuette, or the cutest knitted lion at Target, […]

I heart Thanksgiving

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Just had a wonderful weekend. It was a looong and busy week but I couldn’t have asked for better by the time the weekend came. Friday night, my friend, Trang and I, spent an evening with Isabella Rosselini at the Cinema Arts Festival. She is such an awesome, funny, charismatic person. We got to see some of her new Green Porno series, titled, Seduce Me.sigh* She’s so cool. Afterward, we couldn’t resist going to our […]