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secret garden

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I took my niece and nephew to the Bayou Bend Gardens for a quick photo session during my Spring Break. I was hoping to catch the pink magnolias in full bloom, but unfortunately, missed it by a week. We were able to enjoy the camellias, tulips and azaleas that were still showing their vibrant pink blooms. I really love this garden and have been meaning to visit it at least once a year. You have […]

secret garden…

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We took baby out yesterday to enjoy a nice brunch and spend some quality time at the Bayou Bend gardens, which I have been meaning to visit for some time now. The place was very tranquil and secluded and except for a few other visitors walking around, the gardens felt like a secret place that only we knew about. The pink magnolias were in full bloom and was such a beautiful sight to behold. We […]