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25 years is a long time

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photography / recollections

This patch of pampas grass caught my eye as I was driving through parts of downtown today. It reminded me of my childhood when we would use the stalks to play sword fight with one another. In my dreams, sometimes, pampas grass is overgrown and there is a tall abandoned brick building where we used to play together. The four of us, running through the fields of tall grass, a tornado looming in the distant… […]

snow day

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Houston / photography

The second time it snowed in past few months here in Houston. Not one to be stuck inside with cabin fever, I took a stroll down the neighborhood and that eventually led to a drive through downtown, visiting my favorite haunts and discovering more hidden spots. This town is perfect when it’s desolate on days like this.

fa la la la la….

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home sweet home

I’ve been neglecting my blog in exchange for all the holiday festivities these past two weeks. But the  tree is decorated and the garland hung, the stockings are semi-stuffed and lights are lit, so I think I can take a little breather for now. I love decorating for the holidays. This year I took a more whimsical approach, making a few new items on the spot. The very Anthropologie – inspired garland is my new […]

snowed in!

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Cats / Potpourri

Well, not really. This is Houston after all. But the temperature is below the sanity level for Houstonians, so grab your cats and hug ’em tight! burrrr. I told Maggie, it’s cold outside and she responded in subtitles before my very eyes, “I’m pretty hairy, so I think I’ll be ok.” Good luck humans.

Waltz of the Snowlfakes

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Pa de Deux: “We created it from grey cheese cloth and tulle, referencing Degas’s bronze ballerinas.” I must be in a ballet state of mind. I finally went to see The Nutcracker at the Wortham theater the other week. I have to say. I was a little disappointed in the production, but it must be because I kept comparing it to the Nutcracker Motion Picture. I love that film. Everytime I watch  this film, I’m […]