Oh, the places I’ll go…

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Stopped by the thrift store by my house on a spontaneous urge to spend some hard earned cash and found some amazing pieces!


Dr. Seuss classics in perfect condition, Oh, The Places You’ll Go and If I Ran the Zoo

I went nuts when I saw this set  of Beatrix Potter books also in perfect condition. The Tale of Peter Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck and Benjamin Bunny. I used to fawn over these books when I was a kid. The sweet illustrations are still my favorite part.

When I saw this acrylic jewelry box on the bottom-most shelf, I really exclaimed, “Hello Lover!” and I think the woman next to me inched away repulsively. I’ve been looking for something to display my favorite pieces for some time now and this was just way  too perfect. You know how I love those acrylic boxes! And for $2.00!

A gold dandelion ring found during one of my antique shopping trips with my Aunt Kim when she was in town this July. Who knew? The woman really knows how to bargain. We bought everything at half off the original selling price. I found this ring at a shop that I haven’t noticed on 19th Street until now. LoveJoys Antiques and Collectibles. The two ladies who work there are really sweet and they have cases of jewelry and collectibles. I think we spent nearly 2 hours their just going through all the cases.

Found this sweet dish during a thrift store shopping spree with Kelly. It was a really run down place on Old Spanish Trail near the university, but I think we spent a good hour and a half there loading up on little knick knacks. She found the best little figurine I’ve ever seen. A gremlin/squirrel cup with a base full of tiny skulls. It was the craziest creation ever. I still can’t believe someone actually made this thing.

Anyway, I really love this hand painted bird. It’s so delicate. The kids, Joey and Maggie, knocked it over during their late night romps and it broke, but crazy enough, Kevin and Tuan put it back together with some of his MacGyver  spray-on super glue. I’m not complaining. It looks like its old self again, except for a a small missing piece.

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