Fall Movie previews, excitement ensues

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One of my favorite directors, Jane Campion’s new movie looks so good already. If you haven’t seen any of her work I highly recommend The Piano and one of my all time favorites, An Angel at My Table.

Maurice Sendak + Spike Jonze = like having the most deliciously scrumptious ice cream fudge sunday on a hot July Saturday

Can’t deny that I have been waiting for this to come our since Paris, Je T’aime

Ok I was pretty skeptical about another Tim Burton movie re-adaptation of a classic ever since Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but this trailer really looks like it’s going to be an amazing version of Alice in Wonderland.

because I heart Audrey Tatou.

This Terry Gilliam film already looks epic. It could be really amazing or really weird. We’ll see.

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  1. What a great list of films. I think Spink Jonze is an outstanding director and I know that film wil be very good. Terry Gilliam has always been ahead of his time. “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen” is a great example of this, but his film “Time Bandits,” is by far my favorite. Again, this entire list is excellent and thanks for sharing it.

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