Golden Horse, memories of a glowing dandelion

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I think there’s nothing more satisfying these days than being in good company. Last night, I got a chance to catch up with friends and we had a great dinner a Aka. Than we went to the warehouse to check out Oscar’s woodblock prints and slide show of the recent La Capacidad projects from San Salvador. It was so inspiring to see all his beautiful prints and it made me miss Cathy Hunt’s printmaking classes so much more.

When I drove home last night, I took Allen Parkway as usual and I saw the dandelion water fountain and it made me remember so vividly that first moment when we were in the car driving down that same road and seeing the fountain glowing for the first time. Downtown was lit so dramatically in the back ground as we drove towards it, and Andrew exclaimed what a cool piece of art.  I think we were high on Amy’s ice cream, our hands full of photo booth pictures. I remember comparing that moment to a scene from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, when Charlie and Sam drove through the tunnel towards the city. “Do you guys feel infinite” I asked everyone, and we all laughed, but I couldn’t help but think we all did feel that way. So this is me now, 24 years old, feeling so much more older than I should, thinking about that moment only several years ago, and how young I felt to just be driving down that road with the same people. Sometimes I wish things were the same, but that would mean we would all be at a standstill forever, never growing up, never learning new things.  And if we were stuck that way forever, could we appreciate the past like we would now? I really don’t know… And this is probably the cheesiest way to end an already sentimental post, but if  I could express what I’m feeling right now any better, I would. But I’m no writer. Take it away Bono.

{pieces from a journal I haven’t touched in years}

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