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I love it when I come home to find packages that have finally arrived after weeks of anticipation. Every time I place an order, it always feels like a scene out of Gakuen Alice where Hotaru sends her turtle mail to Mikan and it takes a week to get there. And every time, its always the same sense of euphoria when I finally receive those packages. It’s like a Christmas quickie, and in a brief flash, I forget that it was me who ordered these items.

A mini edition of Birds: The Art of Ornithology by Jonathan Elphick. It has lots of bird prints and watercolors other than Audubon’s famous images.

And the new LP You Can’t Take it With You by As Tall As Lions!  It’s been a long time coming ever since Roshan introduced me to them a around a year ago.  The first time I heard their self titled album, I just drove as slow as I could on the way home until I finished listening to the entire album. I haven’t fully gotten a chance to enjoy the new tracks yet since my record player died on me, but from all the online streaming, the album does not disappoint. And bonus points for the boys for making the vinyl clear. It’s just lovely!

Lost My Mind

A favorite track already, Lost My Mind. I’ve been replaying this track over and over. It’s so beautiful and for some reason, the only other word I can think up is moody. If anything, this song is how I feel at the moment.

One of my all time favorite ATAL songs. Reminds me of a fleeting moment as I passed a boy who was smoking in the rain.

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