birthday wishes and chocolate cake

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I think for the first time in a while, we actually celebrated my birthday on my actual birth date. Having a birthday in late August usually means the beginning of school and tight schedules, but there is something nice about a celebration on your actual birth date. It’s a more official feeling.

We made reservations to meet at the Backstreet Cafe for one of those sit-down dinners that we haven’t had for awhile. The patio was cool thanks to a well placed fan and hovering trees. We chatted and discussed Zelda and bad movies verses good movies and school and jobs and wedding plans among other things that I can’t seem to recall clearly at the moment. It was one of those great dinners that lasted 3 hours into the night. I hung out with friends I hadn’t hung with so often since we parted ways in high school , and it was comfortable and agreeable. I used to be one of those people who had abandonment issues when high school graduation was over and I needed to be assured that the people who signed “Friends-4-Eva” and “K.I.T” in your yearbooks would be the same ones who I’d hang out with forever. And then , the usual college drifting occurred and I couldn’t handle these separations, or, I didn’t know people were allowed to leave me behind. But I think, time has done me very good, and especially now, I feel more at ease with myself more than anything. And it’s still surprising to me when I see these same people who I thought had abandoned me long ago, I find that we fall right back into place where we left off these years. And these are good moments. Good conversations. I appreciate it more.

Clouds as seen from the car window as we drove down 45 and the slow winding traffic. I feel very excited at this moment. Tuan is driving and my anticipation runs high. The clouds look like Spackle texture on a blue wall.

Birds on a canvas….reminds me of Camilo and his Migration, and I hear riots in the streets all over again. The red sunset can blind you if you look at it directly.

Waiting and watching the crowds as Tuan negotiates for her cake pickup. A girl walks into the glass door as she leaves and her friends try not to laugh so hard.

I like the look of vines. It gives a house better character.

Purple flowers from Mona brightens the beginning of a very good night.

One last group photo before we leave the restaurant. I like the way the trees and bushes hover over and surround us like a summer day in Vietnam. I swear, Andrew grows an inch taller everytime I see him in pictures.

Something to look forward to next year, my “golden birthday!” (no pun intended :))

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