a fashion and food filled weekend

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fashion / food

Got a chance to grab some lovely pink frozen cosmos at Dean’s Credit Clothing last night before a fashion show showcasing Richard Saenz’s Spring 2010 collection. The clothes kinda look better in photos, or maybe it was just too dark at the lounge. Here’s Trang strutting her stuff at the show. Afterward, we went to Pink’s Pizza parlor for the first time, and I have to admit, it’s some pretty damn good pizza. I had to order a box to take home for the parents, and even my hard to please father was asking where he could get some more of that delicious pizza. You can tell when the leftover slices tastes just as good as when its pipin’ hot if a pizza is good or not. So far an end to a chilled out weekend. Great pizza and The Wire (so good)…mmmmm

The future In-Laws are coming over next week. Cue dramamtic music here. Worst timing ever, because I’ve been offered a complimentary spot for Craig Barber’s Master Class at HCP. So let’s see pinhole photography lessons or tea with the family. To be continued…

Oh yeah, “Crazy Eyes” Ben from Lost just got an Emmy. It’s about time. Those veins were about to pop!

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