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Caught the late showing of Where the Wild Things Are last night. I just love love love it. One of my top all time favorite movies  despite all the negative reviews out there. This is from my favorite moment in the film. It just made my heart swell. Perhaps it’s the constant sunset scenes that Spike Jonze uses throughout the movie, but there’s a warmth about the film that just makes me miss my childhood so much. I think even if anyone who has never read Maurice Sendak’s story would feel the same after watching this movie.

My first Saturday off in  long time today. I slept in with the cat all day and then took my bike out for a ride in the neighborhood. I thought about the movie all day and closed my eyes and imagined I was young again. I imagined riding down the hills on my little red bike with the neighborhood kids chasing us. I’m lying on a hill and Minnie is sleeping in the sun. I know if I move, she’d get up to go to sleep under the agapanthus shrubs, so I just lie there staring at her paws. I’m sitting on the rusty stairs by the old apartment. It’s our last day here and the sun sets on my face. It’s the same stairway where Tuan and I rescued the baby bluebird. And I remember us pulling my Radioflyer around the pool area past the laundry room when we tried to runaway for a day.  I remember that I would remember that day forever. I’m sitting in front of the cathedral-like windows in the school library reading Farthest Away Mountain. I think this novel is good, maybe even as good as Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh. We’re all at the playground and I’m picking wild thistles and golden buttercups for Ms. Margaret. She keeps them on her desk until they wilt and dry up. Elaine and I are sitting in the clover patch looking for four leaf clovers. This is the same playground where Sean kicks me in the forehead. We’re sitting in a park and Mary is drinking from her pink juice box. I’m jealous because I only have apple juice. All these amazing memories flash through my head. The constant sun is shining one me in every scene.

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