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Spent last Saturday with the girls down in Bellaire. Grabbed some dim sum and Juicebox. I haven’t been down in Bellaire for some time so it was nice to see some things haven’t changed at all, like dims Sum at Ocean Palace–for better or for worse I guess you could say. The most deliciouse dim sum I ever had was at this hole in the wall place downtown when downtown was the official Chinatown in Houston. Almost every Sunday my family would make the commute downtown to cram ourselves inside that red building along with a hundred other Asian families to enjoy that heavenly dim sum. And the best thing of all about that place was that you’d always get that dim sum experience with the carts being pushed around and the buffet bar hot and steamy and ready to be picked at. I find, dim sum these days such a dissapointment in Bellaire. Even on an early Saturday morning, you’d have to request items from the waiter instead of having the opportunity to pick from carts. sigh.

MOAR dim sum! I loove dim sum like a fat kid loves cake. But I also love cake like Chinese kids love dim sum.

A new jerky store in the Hong Kong market. mmmm. Just like in Vietnam plus the price overhaul. Just drowns my appetite. 😦

Swatches of fabric on sale.

Found some little vases to use for Tuan’s engagement party (and maybe for a tea party someday). I just love all the little details in the tall blue one. I blame the horrible lace curtains in the background on my dad.

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