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Mmmmm. A long and hellish day (hellish because the weather was gloomy and I was sick with a persistent headache) began with some bun bo hue for breakfast. And after driving out to the boondocks to talk to a wedding photographer, we stopped by what I like to call the “Bamboo Diner” for some good ol’ banh cuon thit nuong – chargrilled pork wrapped in thin rice sheets with onion crisps and steamed bean sprouts. The restaurant has a a bambo mural on its wall and the last time I was here it was vibrant green, as if I was part of a Zhang Yimou film. I was surprised to see the bamboo wall was blue when we stopped by the other day. Time goes by so fast.

Anyway, this picture makes me want to eat my computer screen right now. I’ve been in the mood for  Vietnamese food all week. I miss my mom’s cooking, but I’m glad she’s having fun in Vietnam right now with only one more week until Tet. Exciteeed! I’m trying to cook more often, but it seems all I know to cook is American food. I really need to start collecting all my parent’s amazing recipes and cooking secrets. I can;t imagine my own kids losing their Vietnamese roots and eating hot dogs all the time.

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