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Hmmm. Beautiful day today. I think I should definitely wake up early more often on my days off, because I get a lot of things done that way. Grabbed some books I’d been wanting to get at Urbans today and had a good time browsing them along with some other recently acquired art books, by the window with the Philistines. [I just put another order in for the Walton Ford’s Pancha Tantra,  and more big art books so I can’t wait for snail mail to arrive. ] Then I took the dogs out for a neighborhood walk. Some kid down the block saw me about 50 feet away and said. “Hola.” I thought he was talking to someone else until he said “hola” again. And then he just went on and asked me if I went to KF High School. I said I did. “Oh do you know Patrick Marcus?” And then it occurred to me that he thinks I am in high school now. I’m secretly flattered and think and laugh maniacally to myself, Yes I still look young, sucka. This deranged disillusionment lasts for a minute, literally, until the boy asks me if I knew Dionne Marcus. And I said no until he ran out of names to ask me.

Plz to read this page. Mroaw.

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