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Call me frugal, but I looove it when I find amazing things under $20.

I just love the brightness of that pink dress. Oscar de la Renta pink!

A never-worn dress from Anthropologie that my sister got me for only a few bucks at a local thrift store. Just in time for spring!

A nifty jar that my sister also got me for my collection. Some primroses will look lovely in it.

And my favorite find of the week: two awesome books on sale at Anthropologie. Elizabeth Peyton’s Live Forever and a hefty French cook book, Ripailles. The reproductions in Live Forever are really great.

A few more days until my teaching seminars are kaput and I can finally enjoy some of this bad ass weather . . . And snail mail should finally arrive!

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artist. homebody. cinephile. slow book collector.

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