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Hi! It’s been awhile. I’ve been preoccupied. and lazy. My mind has been on my test for my teaching certification. But now its all over with. I admit, I’ve been nervous about this teaching path, but since being in an actual classroom yesterday for the first time in eight years was a pretty calming experience. A lot of the older adults who were in there taking the same test were really finicky. They kept asking questions about filling out scantrons and where to sign their names. I don’t know why, but listening to them panic about scantrons and pencil stubs really calmed me down. So let’s just hope I pass! Cross your fingers and paws!

On more exciting updates, I’ve been shopping a bit lately. Nothing too outlandish though. I found this sweet ass camera at a local resale shop. An Instant load 126 magicube. It shoots in square format!  And the best part about this! It was only a dollar! I just need to order a 126 film cartridge and a flash cube to test this baby out.

What else have I been up to?

1. played monopoly and kicked everyone’s ass

2. kind of got hit on? by the cheese vendor guy at Randall’s.

His pick up line was “I can’t believe you don’t remember me.” (I have to admit I got pretty excited at this line. Not because he was cute or anything, but because I was hoping this was my Waking Life moment where the dude would enrapture me with an amazing Lorca inspired “salsa dancing with my confusion” slash “I don’t want to be an ant” philosophy.)

Unfortunately, he goes on to say: “We just saw each other the other day. I used to be blonde. But now I’m brunette. (points to his hairnet) What kind of car do you drive?”

me: “errr Why do you wanna know.  A Saturn”

him: “Oh no that’s not the right car. I took this girl to err… Cafe Express.” (beckons  me to come closer with  a salacious grin) I immediately grab a tub of laughing cow cheese and run for the veggie aisles. Anyone who can remember a car better than their date and likes to bother respectful cheese buyers on a Sunday is sketchy.

3. making a mix for my upcoming vacation. so exciteed!

4. secretly watching my mom’s Hong Kong soap opera.

5. spring cleaning out my closet. I really don;t know how I end up with two trash bags of clothes every year.

6. watching Mike Epps. sooo hilarious. recommended for everyone.

7. finally watched The Wizard. Jenny Lewis is just spectacular spectacular in it.

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