Hot dog!

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It’s been a slow week. I’ve got phlegm in my throat and a bad cough. I hate being sick in the hot weather. It feels uncomfortable. So I’ve been wasting away the hours indoors with a jigsaw puzzle and planning my birthday party for the summer. I’m really loving those sea foam streamers below, so I’m working on some of my own for the party. Plus, some leftover felt I’m thinking of making into pins for the guests (something along the lines of Julia Child’s giant paper hearts) along with the Hello Kitties to pass out. They’re lip gloss rings! (I heart Target) But the most exciting thing I’m looking forward to? I’ve been promised a slushy machine, so frozen margaritas and snow cones for everyone! The other day I was on the phone with a customer. When I told her that her order was ready to pick up, she replied, “Hot dog!” I really wanted to tell her “with cheese!” I just wanted to share that neat little moment with you.

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