avant garden, girl’s night out

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Took a trip down to Avant  Garden for another one of Richard Saenz’s fashion show where my friend was one of the models. I brought my little wooden fan with me, knowing how hot these places down  in Westheimer can be. Definitely the most useful accessory of the night.  I haven’t been to this yellow house since it used to be Helios when it was a dark and grimy place for local beatniks and whatnot. I’m glad they cleaned up the place. The whole dirty, grungy decor is just not comfortable for anyone. The front patio is really cute with overgrown oleanders and ivy closing in on the walkways. I heart sunsets. And Friday nights with the girls. Lately, I’ve been more inclined to grab a drink at a bar than going to the latest nightclub. I like people watching and  having a conversation with some cheap drinks. We went to Poison Girl, a local bar down in the Montrose area, and I had the best margarita on the rocks. gooood stuff.

My hair is so long! I need a trim.

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