Hello Nevada!

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Welcome back to Nevada! I love traveling, but flying there is something I always apprehend. Note to self, never fly Delta again. I think I’ll stick with another airway even if it means more money next time. Anyway, I couldn’t have asked for better weather for this weekend. An average of 70 degrees all weekend makes walking around the Strip in daytime more bearable and enjoyable.

The last time I was in Vegas, was with family on our road trip to California. So this was my first time to actually exploring the Strip. I won’t deny that I was in total awe of all the building and tourist attractions, but at the same time, I kept thinking, everything looks so fake, like giant toys.

I heart escalators. Someone needs to install escalator sidewalks all over the Strip.  (for chicks who like to wear heels at night and for people like me who can’t walk past 2 blocks without tiring out.)

The Flamingo is my favorite sign.

The Gardens inside the Bellagio

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